Hip-hop and rap favourite femme fatale, Cardi B, is calling out a black-owned media outlet the Shade Room for it’s negative coverage of her husband Offset’s arrest on gun charges. The Shade-room runs gossip style coverage of mainly, African American celebrities, celebrity community and hip hop. Some argue, that the ‘gossip’ is persistently negative.

Cardi B accuses the website along with it’s owner Angela Nwandu, of dragging artists down and not highlighting the positive things that Cardi B she and other celebrity artists do. A quick look at The Shade Room’s Instagram page and its website does seem to support the argument that the Shade Room is not about uplifting black community. Instead, it seems more about airing community dirty laundry in public. And, getting paid to do so.

For those who don’t know, The Shade Room is a mass media company, founded by Angelica Nwandu in March 2014. Instagram-based, it claims to offer celebrity gossip on an hourly basis, predominantly within the African American community.

What is interesting is the story of site’s founder, Angela Nwandu. The child of Nigerian immigrants, Angela ended up in foster care when her family were broken apart. There are stories that she came from an abusive background and made a decision to capitalize on stories and gossip which isnt a surprise if you understand human psychology. Her story is interesting one. Only time will tell on whether she cares or understands the impact her website and media company has on how black folk are seen in wider society.

Here at Brown Sugar, we aim not to capitalize on negative aspects of the black experience. Instead we want to celebrate the stories of people of African descent, highlight and find solutions for problems and challenges we face. Unfortunately, in today’s world negative media stories sell more than positive ones. However, this doesn’t mean you should co-sign in contributing to another person’s down fall or, kick them when there down. Sometimes if you have nothing positive to say, it may be best to say nothing at all. We are not going to be joining the gravy train of only focusing on negative aspects of the black community. We hear Cardi B’s point loud and clear! Build, don’t destroy. Much Love. Please share, subscribe and comment

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