Fashion Fair makeup brand was started by
Johnson Publishing Company. Its was started to cater for black skin. Its iconic brand that help many women of African descent realise there beautiful .It has announcement it will no longer produce its icon make up brand Fashion Fair in the UK due to Uk Creditor forcing the company in to liquidation.

Its a really shame but unfortunate it has fierce competition for other mainstream brands that never created for blacks skin tone until Fashion Fair came along.And small black budget makeup brands too like Black Opal and Sleek.

Fashion Fair was started because many black models modelling at Ebony Fashion Fair annual show had to mix there own foundation , as mainstream white American companies ignore them. And wouldn’t create foundations in the skin tones.They kind of beauty wasn’t celebrated or catered for.The American standard of beauty was white Caucasian beauty and still is.

They original idea to create Fashion Fair was Eunice Johnson the director of The Ebony Fashion Fair . An annual fashion fair held every year showcasing black models showcasing European fashion designers like Gucci , Prada e.t.c. Regularly Black models had to mix there own foundation at this fashion show.

Eunice Johnson approach mainstream companies about producing foundations that catered for black skin. To stop black models having to mix there own foundation. Many mainstream companies refused and she got the idea to created makeup and cosmetic line for black women instead to fill the gap in the market.

Can we salute the sister , as I dont know any black women who hasnt used Fashion Fair .And it takes a lot of money and courage to step out of the box and create a makeup brand .

Fashion Fair has paved the way for other brands to come and it stood up to racial oppression.It made black women and mixed parentage women know there beauty is worth celebrating.

Fashion fair will be missed.