Cardi B is hot property right now. She is one of those people that you either love or hate. There is just no in-between with her. She is currently trending in the media because one of her old Instagram videos has resurfaced. And in it, she confesses to drugging men and robbing them. In another video, Cardi B confesses to bringing transgender women into threesomes she had with ex lovers, without telling the lovers that they were with transgender woman.

Cardi B confesses to all this stating that the ex-lovers had cheated on her and she was therefore, paying them back! She has angered some people who are now calling for her to be prosecuted, and some calling her a woman not to be played with aka femme fatale.

Her actions have raised interesting points about the double standards in society and within media. Many of her Rap male counterparts have confessed to murder, gang-banging, the pimping of women, shooting and dealing drugs. Yet, these rap-stars still have a successful rap career. Some could argue that such morbid endeavors even add to their ‘bad boy’ rapper brand image. But Cardi B is being dragged in the media for doing what her male counter-parts have been doing and continue to do.

It seems that women are still judged more harshly for doing what men have been doing for centuries. Cardi B has since deactivated her twitter account. It will be interesting to see if she is able to come back from this. Or, whether it will just cement her in the ‘bad-girl’ hall of fame and end her career. Only time will tell… Give me your opinion folks on Cardi B’s confession.