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Drill Music is very popular in the inner cities of UK. And its popular in urban black communities on depraved council and social housing estate in the Uk. Its origins lie in south side of Chicago, which is a part of the city populated by many depraved African American communities. Drill music was birthed out of African American communities struggle for social justice, the fight against ingrained racism and the lack of opportunities for many black Americans.Drill Music has been birth out of similar African American experience that creates Jazz ,R& B, Blues decades before.But this style of black music focus, is on violence , grim gritty black lives that lack hope .

When it moved over to the UK , its found its home in similar depraved black communities that suffer from many of the same problems as there American counter parts.

Most importantly UK Drill Music has become a vehicle to express you dissatisfaction with the injustice of being black ,poor and mainly male in Britain .And the institutionalize racism in Britain society that is routinely ignored and deny. Call Drill music , Black protest music like music of Bruce Springfield is to white people. Born in the USA is a famous Bruce Springfield song which talked about the ills of White American foreign policy , military industrial complex and America ill treatment of white working class people & Asian people in Vietnam war . Drill Music highlights the grime reality of life on the estate and the social ills of society.Like Bruce Springfield songs have done.The only difference is Drill music is black protest music.

Drill music has highlights what its is like, growing up in a rough area.And how the youth worried about being shot or stabbed to death while growing up there.Its similar feeling to what it like , for a kid growing up in a war zone. Generally not feeling safe and praying that you make it to adulthood. Its like modern form of Charles Dickens tale told in lyrics form. (I would recommend the films Kidulthood & Adulthood by Black British director Noel Clarke to get idea of what it is to grow up Black, Poor in Britain.There excellent films , that seems to capture beautifully the lives of poor black Britain )

67 and d double e

Right now Drill Music is being accused of inspiring and fueling youth violence mainly in the capital , London by various privilege set of Tory MP. And by part of the British Establishment like Metropolitan Police Commissioner Cressida Dick .The current Tory Government has declared war against Drill music .And have told social media giants like YouTube to take down many Drill music videos ,that they believe incite violence and fuel violence.

Many of these Drill videos are filmed by mainly young Black males of various ages, using music as a vehicle to escape the estate life on the hope of making it big in the rap game. They have also been accused of filming videos to fuel beef with various other youth or gangs members from different postcode and around the capital and beyond. These videos have also been used as evidence in trials to convict people of murder and assault.

Marcel Addai was one of the youth killed by rival gang in London In 2016 Here’s a Channel 4 report explaining how several drill music videos, made by gang members were used as evidence to commit the gang members of Marcel murder.

Drill Music first created to give black youth outlet to express there dissatisfaction, is now being used as way to prison and silence them, the irony is lose on some.

I have read many articles on Drill Music in the media but the point of view is mostly coming from White middle class people who don’t understand Drill or the experience, that created the music and its message to society But claim to understand it and be able to judge it and the people who created it.

I feel like I understand the music more because I am black British and raised in rough council estate in Moss side in 80s and 90s where gang wars and postcode wars were raging.

I feel like some people,mainly bourgeoisies will never understand Drill Music because it wasn’t created for them or by them. Its was created for black urban youth on council estate from disadvantage background.To spread a message of understanding.That your not on your own, in these rough area and that many of us are suffering being black poor and unheard .We all hope to make it out of ghetto but unfortunately some of us make it out in coffin & are killed young.

I don’t really believe Drill Music fuels gang violence or youth violence personally.I just feel it tells the story of what life is like for many black Britons.Youth Violence was around when I was a teen and there was no YouTube or Drill music to fuel it but sincere man ,youth still got shot and stabbed to death .( Benij Stanley being one, shot at 14 years old in Moss Side, hes murder is still in unsolved ).What would the British establishment , who accuses Drill music of fueling violence in capital say cause this? I was generally scared as a kid ,of walking around Moss side and had to avoid Googh estate where gang came from. Just in case I got shot or caught up in the crossfire of the gang war.My Dad also warned me about hanging out there because of the violent Jamaicans gangs there. Heres a drill music  from Moss side made in early 2000s .Its really highlights what it like growing up in Moss Side.Its catchy tune too.

I feel like the mainstream media control by the British Establishment and bourgeoisie set aren’t looking for answer .There just looking for someone to blame , usually the youth living on the estate never government policy.  They also don’t want to understand or value Black lives, they just want to condemn.The Windrush  scandal really confirm how much black lives matter are worth in Britain today , for me and many others , not much.

Its not a crime to make music but it seems to be nowadays for many disadvantage black youth . 

British Establishment are more concerned with attacking violence instead of the conditions and the environment that helps create this violence.Drill music and black British experience is such a big topic .I will have to do it in more blog posts .I feel Drill Music and people who create it, have got important message to teach wider society. About racism and who’s lives matter in Britain , post colonial period.

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