The Video Vixen is what ‘glamour’ modelling is to white women. She is the femme fatale of the music industry. There are many who argue that the video vixen role has given countless women of African descent in the diaspora, a chance to make a career out of showcasing their femininity. As well as, a chance to showcase what the African black standard of beauty is.

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Self love… don’t debate me.

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This standard is based on not having to live up to what is considered, damaging European standards of beauty.

One of the reason we see ladies displayed as the vixen, is due to demand. There have been several Black men in music industry that have championed this image of black women, promoting more familial images of women with skin tones similar to those women within their communities, i.e.; mothers, sisters cousins, etc. -Love and appreciate to the brothers who show love to the sisters! In doing so, many would argue, support such sisters in their dreams of being models.

One famous video vixen/men magazine model is Bernice Burgos . A of the video vixen I happen to love. She is a brown skin beauty described as having the coveted ‘thick’ behind (aka; arse/ass/butt). Bernice, looks in great shape and in one interview gives great advice for women interested in following a similar career.

BlackMen Magazine was one of the first magazines that gave black women a chance to be front-cover glamour models. I remember it myself. It was very popular with the brothers.We hope to create something similar here online. Please show your support by sharing our magazine.