There a new lord mayor of Sheffield and I nearly fell of my chair when I had a look at him. Hes a handsome brother from Somalia .And came here as a refugee with hes family at the age of 5. Hes name is Magid Magid and

lord mayor of Sheffield

hes’s Muslim. He shaking up tradition and setting new traditional by being a pointed the lord mayor of Sheffield. Being that hes not white British man , hes African black man who doesn’t come from a privilege background. Britishness is almost always associate with whiteness not blackness in Britain. He also has unconventional way of dressing. Hes very fond of basketball hats and doc martens . Magid looks more like a Hip Hop star then politician and lord mayor. But hes a welcome change , hes unconventional ways will speak to people from similar background to him and allow them to feel part of British society in the post brexit climate. And I am sure hes appointment will do wonderfully things for race relations in Sheffield  .

Hes appointment is a signal to young black Britons that not matter where you come from, you can be part of British society and be valued. And you shape the changes that are needed in Britain today.

Lord mayor of Sheffield